Troll Cave

Children 0 - 14 MUST be accompanied by an Adult


Adult: $35    -       15 years +
Child: $20     -      Children 0 - 14 MUST be accompanied by an Adult
Infants: Free    -   3 years and under 
Family Pass 1:     $70  -  1 Adult, 2 Children
Family Pass 2:     $100  -  2 Adults, 2 Children
Family Pass 3:     $120 - 2 Adults, 3 Children

This is a boutique adventure, your group is guaranteed an exclusive experience.

Maximum group size 8 : Please contact us for larger groups

Early Bird not available for Troll Cave.

Trips depart several times per day. OPEN WEDNESDAY TO SUNDAY

For bookings please phone: 0800924866 or email:


How can you get to see the Troll?

You need to go on adventure…You need to go on Troll Patrol!
Since we accidentally destroyed his home, Tom the Troll now lives in an artificial purpose-built Trollcave at Waitomo.
This is The World’s First Underground Eco Sanctuary.
So - you don’t have to just imagine him - You can actually visit Tom at Trollcave.
The people at Trollcave need your help to look after the Troll – he might be scary but he is after all a “one of a kind child of nature”.
Like many endangered animals (e.g. Polar Bears and Rhinos) Tom has been fitted with a tracker unit to help us look after him.
Unfortunately, Trolls turn out to be very hard on their tracking units – they wreck them all the time.
Fortunately, it also turns out that Trolls spend a lot of their time just sleeping on rock piles – especially during the daytime. (It’s a very different story at night time when they come out of their caves to hunt their prey)
So - if you’ve got what it takes - if you’re clever and brave and
very quiet then (hopefully) you can sneak up on Tom and change his tracker unit. You can become part of the awesome Troll Patrol team !

We’ve found that being light-footed and smaller, some kids are especially good at this and are actually better than adults. As you might expect, some kids are a lot better (or luckier) than others.

Don’t Wake the Troll!

Trolls may be a bit dim-witted but they have an amazingly well-developed sense of smell, so you might want to disguise your smell with Troll Goop which seems to ooze out the wall in places (Don’t ask us why – it just does ! ). Luckily it turns out that children smell a bit different to adults – they’re just a bit harder for the Troll to smell - so this makes them even more suited to Troll Patrol duties.
If you don’t wake Tom up then very good ! – change the tracker unit - job done !
If you do wake him up – then – we don’t really like to talk about that - it’s not nice !
…Let’s just say that Tom gets a bit upset.

…and while we’re on the subject, we also suggest you try not to look too closely at the many bones of dead animals scattered around in the cave – they’re disgusting !

Find Him First

But changing the tracker unit is really only the end of your mission. First of all, you’ve got to find Tom in the underground labyrinth. Tom moves around quite a lot so we never really know where he’ll be.
The cave is fairly dark; a bit wet in places and can be quite confusing. To make things worse, ever since we put Tom in there, weird things have started happening.

New Problems

Other creatures like Bristle Gnomes have moved in; walls have moved; water (we think it’s water) has oozed out of the ground and even the gates that were built to control Tom now seem to be under some sort of magical influence. (We can’t explain it !)
Not only that but the cave’s been invaded by giant cave Wetas and Eels.

We’ve done our best but can’t promise there won’t be any Rats or Bats.
These are just some of many obstacles you may have to deal with. Trolls love setting traps and puzzles in their own simple way – you’ll just have to use your own brains to outsmart him and find your way through.

If all this sounds like you, then all you have to do is contact us and we’ll book you in.

Troll Patrols departs several times daily (except Christmas & New Years Day)

It usually takes about an hour complete a Troll Patrol (assuming you make it – otherwise it can take forever).


Adult: $35    -       15 years +
Child: $20     -      Children 0 - 14 MUST be accompanied by an Adult
Infants: Free    -   3 years and under
Family Pass 1:     $70  -  1 Adult, 2 Children
Family Pass 2:     $100  -  2 Adults, 2 Children
Family Pass 3:     $120 - 2 Adults, 3 Children
Additional Child:
  $15  -  Added to Either Family Pass

Trips depart several times per day

For bookings please phone: 0800924866 or email:



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