Lost World 4 Hour

Spectacular 100m abseil (rappel) and DRY caving adventure

What have Tom Cruise; Holly Hunter; Oliver Phelps; Michelle Rodriguez; & Steve Wozniac all got in common?
A: This trip…they all did it… (not at the same time silly!) plus, they’re all good sorts.

Retail price - NZD 425.00
Online Special price Non Refundable 10% discount - NZD 382.50
Allow 4 hours

The abseil (rappel) descent takes around 20 minutes of the total 4 hours required.

Anyone who looks over the side of Lost World and doesn’t “at-least-fleetingly” think of backing out needs their head read – this is a SERIOUS place. That’s why we have the best guides in this country right there looking after you. We’ve had many people do this who were very worried about heights – but they did it ! (By the way we don’t have any heights – they’re all depths – just for the record)

Even though we’re the guys who invented Skyjump, this is nothing like a bungy jump.

Abseil slowly alongside your instructor who although on a separate rope provides information, reassurance ...and a backup safety tether.

Imagine free-hanging in this massive void…bouncing a bit & turning because of the sheer length of the rope. Look around into upper levels of the cave and giant spagatites (look like giant green hands growing out of the walls). Weird plants struggle to cling to the sheer walls and all the while the roar of the Mangapu river echoes up from caverns far below.

It feels like you’re descending into the bowels of some gigantic prehistoric beast…a sensory feast.

One guide looks after up to 4 people - who all make their unforgettable descent together down through the surreal mists and eventually landing in the base of this massive cavern.

Once down, catch your breath, because this is actually just the beginning - there’s a lot more to do and see and you explore the massive vaults - See excellent glowworms; gigantic flowstone formations; massive caverns.


  • Arguably, the most spectacular abseil for initiates in the world – nothing in NZ comes close. 
  • Pre-historic oligocene setting is spectacular; unbelievable; mind-blowing
  • Exploration of the massive Lost World caverns as you ascend back to the surface
  • Palpable feeling of personal accomplishment
After the glowworms there’s an almighty ladder that some say was the inspiration for Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven” – don’t worry we can assist the climb with our hauling system.

From there, enjoy the guide’s helpful hints as you make your way along ledges back to the surface through the huge craggy upper levels of the “Spider Hole”.

Emerge from the Spiderhole into what could easily be mistaken for the Burma Jungle ( no snakes or tigers though) and then just a short stroll back to the start – “Did I just do what I think I just did?”…pinch yourself…Wow just Wow !

Departs Daily
. (Except for Christmas & New Year’s Days)

 Bookings are essential. The minimum number of participants for the tour to run is 2 (Two). But don't worry if you are a solo traveler - trips fill up nicely !

If you’d like to give it a go, you’ll have to be at least 10 (ten) years of age.

Children under 15 years must be accompanied by their parent or caregiver OR a mature adult known to the child and aged 18 years or older.

All you need is comfortable “outdoorsey” clothes ( e.g. shorts and thermal top; NOT jeans), long thick socks (suitable for bush walking); and a smile! (We provide the overalls; boots and everything else). Check-in time is 30 minutes before scheduled departure.

Just Do It.
Lost World 4 Hour
Waitomo Adventure CentreLost World 4 Hour
Waitomo Adventure CentreLost World 4 Hour
Waitomo Adventure CentreLost World 4 Hour
Waitomo Adventure CentreLost World 4 Hour
Waitomo Adventure CentreLost World 4 Hour
Waitomo Adventure Centre