Our History

How Waitomo Adventures Came to Be

How it all started.

Over 30 years ago (1987) Nick Andreef founded the operation when he pioneered excursions through the fantastic Lost World Cave system.

As word spread, the increasing popularity of these activities led to the investigation of other “wild caves” resulting in the range of six amazing adventure options now available.

Today Waitomo Adventures Ltd remains family owned and operated. Nick remains the CEO ably supported by his awesome team of highly trained professionals.

That makes Waitomo Adventures the longest running cave operation under the same management in the Waitomo region.

We’re also one of the last remaining truly independent adventure companies in New Zealand. Feel free to help us withstand the corporatisation of adventure tourism in this country. Just a few years ago there were 1500 registered adventure operators in NZ, now there’s less than 300.

Why go Caving?

Caves are the last frontier of land-based exploration on this planet.

They are the subject of legend; mystery and primal emotions. In this environment explorers can tune out the electronic age and tune into their own real and ancient feelings including those of awe; challenge; conquest; joy and even fear – In short you can feel alive!

You can also marvel at the sheer majesty of subterranean caverns “immeasurable to man”.

The caves we operate have never been tamed. They are the real deal and when you visit these “wild” caves you know in your soul that you are in a special place.

People entering this subterranean domain experience both a physical & emotional journey - but perhaps the main reason to visit is simply that caving is … FUN !