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    Blackwater Rafting with extras - More time underground; More things to see and do

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Blackwater Rafting - TTT

Explore the magic Tumu Tumu Cave. Combine the best elements of Blackwater rafting with walking, climbing, swimming, and tubing through distinctive sections of the spectacular Tumu Tumu cave. A more comprehensive version of Black Water Rafting.

Half Day Duration
Affordable Price
Easy Difficulty
Common Questions


Blackwater Rafting with extras-More time underground; More things to see and do

Have you ever wanted to draw the curtains; put on a helmet; boots & lots of black rubber; flood the lounge and spend a couple of hours with your friends plus complete strangers swimming around in the dark - including exploring under the furniture - illuminated only by your Christmas tree lights...?

If you answered YES to this question then Boy have we got a trip for you!
(If you didn’t answer YES then it’s still OK – a lot of people haven’t actually considered this idea before they met us . Minimum age for this trip is 12 years of age, minimum weight is 40 kgs.
$225.00 NZD
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Amazing Sights

Amazing Sights

The above ground location is a beautiful landscape of farmland with native forest planted by us to help look after the climate and also the caves underneath.

See awesome cave formations as well as one of the best Glowworm displays in New Zealand.

We’ve got stalactites stalagmites columns flowstone and more but the stars of the place are the amazing glowworms -twinkling away in their underground sanctuary.

Quality Time

Great Value

Great Value

About twice as much quality underground time as other similar options at Waitomo. This option can be described as a caving adventure with some Blackwater Rafting also included.

By doing it this way you get to spend more time exploring all the amazing scenery. It’s also a lot warmer than being in deep water for longer periods – i.e. a nice option during the winter months.

Your cave guides for this adventure are amongst the highest trained guides in NZ. They are permanent professionals, not just temps quickly employed over the summer period!


Stacks of Free Insta-worthy Photos FREE!

Stacks of Free Insta-worthy Photos FREE!

Although not pro photographers, our guides are pretty handy with a camera – which is good because caves can be tricky places to photograph.

As personal phones and cameras & Go-pros are not permitted for safety, we make sure to take plenty of snaps of you on your adventure.

Unlike some other companies, photos are provided Free of Charge ie you won't be asked for annoying additional photo charges in addition to the advertised trip price.

A Journey Together

Highly Qualified & Experienced Guides

Highly Qualified & Experienced Guides

Guides inform, assist and ensure safety throughout – they are among the best qualified in New Zealand.

Equally important, in our view, is that our guides are here for you - because they love sharing in your quest for fun, thrill and adventure.

Don't let their down-to-earth, fun loving nature fool you though, they take your safety very seriously.


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Common Questions

Everything you need to know.

Waitomo, NZ

Central North Island Location

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  • What Do I Need to Bring
    Swimwear, long thick socks (suitable for bush walking); a towel & toiletries for a shower afterwards. We provide all other equipment including helmets, lights, any vertical gear, overalls and PVC boots. We have changing facilities available so you can arrive in your street clothes and get changed onsite.
  • What Time Should I Arrive?
    Be sure to book to secure your caving tour by booking in advance. Please note we only accept Visa or Mastercard. Our trips are popular and bookings are recommended, especially in the summer months. To secure the most suitable departure time(s), make your booking early.

    Check-in time is 30 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time for our Adventure Trips.
    Check in for the Troll Cave is 15 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time.
  • What Happens When It's Raining?
    When it's raining stream levels can rise in our Tumu Tumu Cave and the wet part of the Lost World Epic. If your Blackwater Rafting trip is flooded we will upgrade you to another trip if possible or refund - at your choice.
  • Is This Adventure Suitable For Children?

    * Remember almost ANYONE CAN DO TROLLCAVE - so come & have fun with us even if you cant go "real" caving.

    Any children under 15 years of age must be accompanied by a parent, guardian or mature adult known to the child who is aged 18 years and over. It is critical that any child is sufficiently mature and responsible enough to follow the instructions of the guide.

    Minimum Ages for our adventure caves are:
    Blackwater Rafting - TTT 12 Years
    Lost World Half Day - 10 Years
    Lost World Through the Window - 10 Years
    Lost World Epic - 15 Years
    Haggas Honking Holes 15 Years
    St Benedicts Caverns - 12 Years

    Minimum Weight 40kg
    Talk to us before you book if you or your child weighs less than 40kg (90 Pounds)
  • What About Photography?
    We provide a basic photo service. Our guides take photos on basic cameras and these are provided to clients via internet at no extra charge. However, please be aware that the focus of our activities is on adventure, not photography.

    We have found that the flow of these activities becomes disrupted if clients take their own camera gear.
    One person’s photographic dream can be at the expense of others in the group who just want to get on with the adventure. There are also safety issues e.g. where loose gear could fall and become damaged or even injure someone.

    For all these reasons, no client photography equipment is permitted on any activities. This includes no cameras; no videos; no Go-Pros etc. If you are a professional photographer and really want to take photos with your own gear, then you can talk to us about arranging an exclusive trip for this purpose.

    You are welcome to take your camera to the very start of the activity, but will have to leave it behind in the lockers before you head underground. Your understanding and cooperation are much appreciated!
  • Deposit Information
    Prices are GST (tax) inclusive and also include the use of all necessary equipment (except the minimal "you need" items). To secure your booking you will need to provide credit card details. Please note we only accept Visa or Mastercard


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