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Troll Cave

Troll Cave...the Ultimate Escape Room for kids

1 Hour Duration
Affordable Price
Easy Difficulty
Common Questions


A Surreal Underground Adventure

According to the Department of Troll Conservation, Cave Trolls are very rare and on the highly endangered list…but, you also could become endangered when you go on Troll Patrol !


After we accidentally destroyed our Troll’s lair, we decided to build the world’s first underground eco-sanctuary for the preservation of Cave Trolls… But that doesn’t mean that the “Tom” wants to be looked after…in fact he can be a bit “antisocial”.

What happens in The Troll Cave?

This fun activity relies on participants using their stealth; cunning and survival instincts to navigate Tom’s underground lair and complete their mission.

At the start there’s a full briefing in the “Ready Room” and then you’re on your own as you take a massive elevator ride down into the bowels of the earth.

If you can’t avoid Tom’s little pranks; solve his riddles and get through the cave you could end up staying down there a long time…or even worse…you could end up being Tom’s dinner.

Different things happen depending on the decisions people make.

It’s always a challenge to take on the beast in his own lair... there’s no magical wizard to help you out here…you have to figure things out for yourself …or not!
$180.00 NZD
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An Hour Adventure

How Long Does it Take?

How Long Does it Take?

The activity takes 1.5 hours or the rest of your life…whichever comes first!

The good news is that Troll Cave is 100% weather-proof ; fully accessible and suits a very wide range of ages and abilities.

Family Fun

Who Does Trollcave?

Who Does Trollcave?

- Independent Travellers: A great way to start or finish your day at Waitomo.
- Families: Tom’s usually a bit less terrifying to little kids…but it depends how hungry he is !
- Teambuilding: You’ll need to work as a team just to survive.


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Common Questions

Everything you need to know.

Waitomo, NZ

Central North Island Location

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  • What Do I Need to Bring
    The air temperature is approximately 10 degrees Celsius. Please dress appropriately.

    You MUST wear closed in footwear in the cave.
  • What Time Should I Arrive?
    Be sure to book to secure your caving tour by booking in advance. Please note we only accept Visa or Mastercard. Our trips are popular and bookings are recommended, especially in the summer months. To secure the most suitable departure time(s), make your booking early.

    Check-in time is 15 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time for our Adventure Trips.
  • Is This Adventure Suitable For Children?
    Not recommended for infants under one year of age because of minor water splashes.

    Children 1 - 14 MUST be accompanied by an adult. Children MUST be supervised AT ALL TIMES.
  • What About Photography?
    We provide a basic photo service. Our guides take photos on basic cameras and these are provided to clients via internet at no extra charge. However, please be aware that the focus of our activities is on adventure, not photography.

    We have found that the flow of these activities becomes disrupted if clients take their own camera gear.
    One person’s photographic dream can be at the expense of others in the group who just want to get on with the adventure. There are also safety issues e.g. where loose gear could fall and become damaged or even injure someone.

    For all these reasons, no client photography equipment is permitted on any activities. This includes no cameras; no videos; no Go-Pros etc. If you are a professional photographer and really want to take photos with your own gear, then you can talk to us about arranging an exclusive trip for this purpose.

    You are welcome to take your camera to the very start of the activity, but will have to leave it behind in the lockers before you head underground. Your understanding and cooperation are much appreciated!
  • Deposit Information
    Prices are GST (tax) inclusive and also include the use of all necessary equipment (except the minimal "you need" items). To secure your booking you will need to provide credit card details. Please note we only accept Visa or Mastercard



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